Half Term!!

Yellow! 😁 😁 😁

Now, despite this being a post about half term I’m actually writing this a week later. I really enjoyed this half term and cant wait to tell you!!!

First off, we went on a wintry walk and enjoyed a cuppa at Attingham, I went with my grandparents as they only live 20 minutes away, but brrrrr, it was cold.

We decided to have picnic in the Playing Field and it was quite different to the sunny afternoons I remember there!! Here are some pics of the day…




We didn’t only go on walks at Attingham, 😁 there were also some cool experiments!!!!


Things we did:

  • Put Mentos in Coke and Fanta
  • Mixed Backing Powder and Vinegar
  • Turn an egg jelly

I can’t say they all worked, 😊😊😊😁 but they were good fun. My favorite was the jelly egg:

We put a raw egg, in Pickling Vinegar and left it for 2 days ( better if more ). Once we rubbed away the excess shell, we were left with a jelly ( but very fragile ) egg. Maybe you should give it a try!!!


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