Roll on Spring Months!!


It’s been quite a busy, tiring week but still fun and exciting! I’ve had my first cricket match with secondary school ( fun even though we didn’t win! ), made Moroccan couscous ( in Food Tech ), learnt that Ghana is famous for its cocoa produce ( for my Geography homework ), can now play a simplified version of German Dance( by Mozart ) on the piano and had a big science test. So yes, even if some of those things are easy, overall with homework, school and home, I’ve been up to a lot!! At least I came home to a chunky bar of chocolate after school!! 

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been amazing this week…  Rainy, cold and pretty dark days have hovered over this week. However… Today has been much better! Sun, fresh ( not cold ) crispy air has brightened today!! We can finally see the start of spring and the days are gradually ( very gradually ) getting longer!!!!!! There are a few pics of the garden in late afternoon. The sun went down a bit, so less bright but I hope you still like them!!!!!

And here are few more…


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