Roll on Spring Months!!


It’s been quite a busy, tiring week but still fun and exciting! I’ve had my first cricket match with secondary school ( fun even though we didn’t win! ), made Moroccan couscous ( in Food Tech ), learnt that Ghana is famous for its cocoa produce ( for my Geography homework ), can now play a simplified version of German Dance( by Mozart ) on the piano and had a big science test. So yes, even if some of those things are easy, overall with homework, school and home, I’ve been up to a lot!! At least I came home to a chunky bar of chocolate after school!! 

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been amazing this week…  Rainy, cold and pretty dark days have hovered over this week. However… Today has been much better! Sun, fresh ( not cold ) crispy air has brightened today!! We can finally see the start of spring and the days are gradually ( very gradually ) getting longer!!!!!! There are a few pics of the garden in late afternoon. The sun went down a bit, so less bright but I hope you still like them!!!!!

And here are few more…


Some More Art…


Wow, I haven’t blogged in ages! To be honest, I’m pretty rubbish at keeping a diary or anything like this! I thought I better, as I’ve got a few moments to spare! One big change since I blogged last was that I’ve had my 12th birthday!! I got loads of amazing stuff and lots of new art equipment! I’ve done one or two things recently but there are a few old pieces I’ll show you too!!!

And here’s a few extra…

Meet Murphy!


Despite being 13 years old Murph is still the puppy of the family!! A gorgeous golden retriever was a rescued pup from Ireland. Mum and Dad first lived in Ireland and got both our pets over there. Murphey’s mum was found with her pups and taken in by 2 girls. Then he came to our family… So from then on he’s had to put up with 3 kids growing up and moving twice. ; ) He’s always been playful and definitely doesn’t know his age. He is always running around despite being 13, acting like he’s still a pup ( how he got his nickname – Pups ).  So that’s his story so far and I’m sure he’s got more crazy years to come. ; )


Hello! ( Again )


Since now, all my blogs ( and I’ll be honest ) have been pretty average and dull. There I said it! ; ) And its true! I haven’t blogged much recently as I’ve started at a new secondary school, but now that I’ve settled in more, I’m going to start blogging again : ). This time I’m going to start being more open and hopefully feature more of my artwork and photos. I love being a photographer, and I love sketching and drawing too. So why not????? At times I feel like I’ve got quite a hectic life, crammed with enjoyable yet tiring activities ( plus all the homework I’m getting ), but that’s not going to stop me from blogging ( I hope ; p ). Just to let you know, although you probably already know, I’ve got two pets, a cat called Joey and a dog called Murphy, and they are definitely going to feature in my blogs. So that’s all I’ve got to say for now, and I hope you’ll like the coming blogs!!!!

Caught red-handed!


A rocky landscape I created in school!



A plunge pool we found on holiday in France!!


Last weekend I went to Bristol to see my aunts. We spent most of our days seeing landmarks and exciting places. We went to a science museum called @t Bristol. There was lots of new technology to see and strange experiments to get your hands on! There was lots to do with Earth and water as well as animation. Upstairs there was even a virtual reality headset you could have a go with and animation cameras. My favorite ‘toy’ was the magnetic sand – it broke the laws of gravity!!!! I cant wait to go again. We also got to see the first suspension bridge – Clifton Suspension Bridge! It was actually smaller than I imagined but still very impressive! I cant wait to go to Bristol again and see even more landmarks!!!

On the old railway!
A giant bubble mix to play with!
Clifton Bridge


Every year, the ‘Pontesbury Crowd’ – a group of friends from around the village – go camping in Wales. We used to go to campsite in Bala, we were surrounded by beautiful scenes and a wonderful lake, but for the past two years, we’ve gone to some new sites!

This year, we went to Abersoch ( Ab er sock ) to a lovely campsite by the sea. The facilities were great and there was a shop on the site too. We all spent most of our times on the beaches as the sun came out a lot! Practically everywhere we went, we could see a gorgeous backdrop of Snowdon and other hills and mountains. The beaches were all lovely with a sea that was surprisingly warm and there was great surf too. I can’t wait to go next year and see where we turn up!!IMG_20170722_114508

one friend had an indian canoe and we went on a rideIMG_20170724_151249.jpgon a walk

IMG_20170724_134735me in the ‘med’

IMG_20170724_145948the beach

Summer Fair

20170601_161857Last Friday, my school held a summer fair. There was the usual fair activities: book stall, games stall, crafts and a sweet stall, but this one also had: welly wanging, a bouncy castle  and a football course.  I helped at some stalls like Guess how many Sweets and Where’s the Treasure?The food was better than usual and the bouncy castle was super fun! There was loads to do so I can’t wait for next year, even though I’ll be in secondary school!! There was also a bar ( which got very interesting at the end ) and that a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail in it. It was great!